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Express your mind.

Express your heart.

The Tellus i5 is our newest member of the Tellus family.


A perfect match between reliable functionality and attractive design. The Tellus i5 has integrated eye tracking, resulting in an all-in-one solution for users who rely on their eyes to communicate, to work with a computer or to control the environment. Intel i5 processor and Windows 10 based, ready to run various software programs, but especially built to take the best out of Mind Express. 

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Dimmy, a Tellus DJ

Meet Dimmy, one of our Tellus 5-users. As a hobby, he DJ’s every week at the retirement home. Unlike other DJ’s, he hasn’t accustomed to turning tables or LP’s. He turned his Mind Express vocabulary into his own DJ booth. It’s awesome to see Dimmy and his loyal audience having something to look forward to every week.

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