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Tellus i5

Top notch Mind Express applications such as Amego or Score turn this fully dedicated piece of technology into a highly functional AAC device. NoveltiesThe integrated eye gaze results into a streamlined and sustainable device. Its sleek design is above all a great match for daily use.In addition you can wake the device up from sleep using the eye gaze. Due to this efficient use of battery, your autonomy increases.

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Zingui 2

The new hand-held Zingui is faster, lighter and slimmer. Zingui 2 has an 8” touch screen and a modern, sleek and robust design. It has top-quality recording and playback features. This speech device is easy to use. Take it wherever you want with the handy in-use case. The Zingui has a high capacity battery and can be used all day long.

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Mobi 3

The high specification talking technology device and accessible PC that combines mobility and performance in an elegant way. Standard features include Mind Express 4 and Windows 10, making Mobi 3 a total solution that allows users to communicate via text or symbols – directly from person to person, via the Internet or by phone.


Amego from MindExpress

Amego is a ready-to-use solution for text-based communication. The keyboard with word and sentence prediction allows for fast novel communication. There are 5 keyboard choices available. Amego has a vast collection of pre-stored phrases. You can easily add or remove your own sentences to the pre-stored phrases.